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Saturday, June 07, 2008
+ 6 Months. +

6 mths... How big CHCKL gonna grow? 1500? 2000?

6 mths... CG multiply how many times?

6 mths... Can we still laugh like how we used to?

6 mths... Can we still cry together?

6 mths... Will u become thinner or fatter?

6 mths... Will we still be as close as b4?

6 mths... R we loving the Lord more than ever?

6 mths... So many things can change

I noe... I will try my best to maintain the relationships

I noe... I will call back once a week

I noe... I will miss u all

I noe... I will miss serving with u all

I noe... I will miss bringing joy to u all

I noe... I will miss watching movie together

I noe... I will miss those overnight talks

I noe... I will miss playing TD together

6 mths... I noe... many will changed, I noe God is in control.

I delicate my leave for the upcoming 6 mths to u Lord, help us to grow stronger than ever b4. Let us be even closer than ever b4. Amen.

Thursday, May 15, 2008
+ 女强人vs小女人 +

Just couple hrs ago i had a little conversation wif a fren and while we chat we came across this topic. Which category do men prefer? 女强人or小女人? On the whole we agreed that generally men do prefer 小女人 more.

女强人: I am not referring to career women, but independent women. They dont really have to depend on men to do their job. Oftenly appear to be strong, confident, know it all kind of woman.

小女人: Not referring to size here. They tend to be softer, innocent, seeking for protection, blur-blur type of women.

My male frens often felt threaten when i am able to carry heavy stuff, change light bulb, settle stuff on my own. They treat me like a guy for that matter. I was brought up in an environment that i have to do things on my own. At very young age, i have go to school on my own while my classmates were still being fetched by their parents. I always have to find my own directions, settle household stuff while my mum is doing her business.

My fren she recently had an encounter which goes like this. 2 ladies and 1 man, 3 of them bought some durians. The 2 ladies was hoping for the man to open the durians, then the man confess that he cant open durians. Thus my fren offer to open them but uses that man's strength to split open it. The other lady was just sitting down waiting to eat durians. To my fren's up most suprise was the man was patiently teaching that lady who was sitting and waiting, how to open the durian.

Do we ladies, have to appear to be weak to gain love and care from man? It seems that those ladies that appear 'wanting to be protected' tend to get man to fall into the trap. *grins* Probably in that sense it boost man's ego and pride. I dont know.

Man out there, say something.

Friday, April 18, 2008
+ A special thanks. +

For the past 5 yrs God has been putting great ppl in my life. In my sec sch days He renewed my mindset abt teachers and used them to get me saved. During my days in KL i was lonely and i asked God for great frens, those tat r special. Lo & behold He gave me 3 great frens tat are superly special in my life and His blessing didnt jus stop there. He oso gave me favour fr men, opportuinties overflowing constantly.

I thank God for giving me the courage to love. Eventhough thr were times tat i was nt loved in return, or probably i tot i was nt loved enough.

I thank God for my darling + my sui sui + my kor kor. (They are e 3)

I thank God for using me as a tool to be a blessing.

I thank God for my darling, she showed me how to go the extra mile for ppl.

I thank God for my sui sui, she showed me how to have a heart for ppl.

I thank God for my kor kor, he taught me how to accept being used by others for kingdom cause.

I thank God for every little gift tat He has given me.

I thank God for being able to serve.

I thank God for ppl tat sharpens me.

I thank God for all valleys tat i have been through which prepares me for the nxt challenge.

There are so much to thank God for... Love God & Love People.